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The Israel Physical Society is a voluntary non-profit society which acts to stimulate research and education in the various disciplines of physics. The organization is open to all scientists in the field (not only from Israel), including students, and professionals/individuals who support research and education in physics. Those who accept and wish to support the aforementioned objectives of the IPS are encouraged to become members. Joining the IPS has never been easier. 

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Feb  23, 2022

Congratulations to the IPS 2022 Prizes winners and Fellows:

IPS Prizes 2022

The Israel Physical Society Award for young physicists, 2022

The Jacob Bekenstein Theoretical Physics Prize for Young Physicists

Nick StoneDr. Nick Stone, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

For his studies of the tidal disruption of stars by supermassive black holes.



The Nathan Rosen Experimental Physics Prize for Young Physicists

Moshe Ben Shalom

Dr. Moshe Ben Shalom, Tel Aviv University

For his studies of Graphene and 2D materials.


The Israel Physical Society Students Award, 2022 

The Yoel Rakah prize for Theory students 

 Yael AvniYael Avni, Tel Aviv University 
For her outstanding contributions to soft-matter physics, in particular to the theory of charged liquid systems.




The Asher Peres prize for experimental students

Eran LustigEran Lustig, Technion

For his experimental breakthroughs in photonic topological insulators and theoretical contributions to photonic time crystals.




The Amos de Shalit prize for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis

Adar Sharon


Adar Sharon, Weizmann Institute of science

For his outstanding work on quantum field theory and its applications to various fields of physics.




IPS Fellows 2022 

Yossi Avron

Professor Yosi Avron, Technion

Is elected as Fellow of the IPS for his original explorations of geometrical and topological effects in condensed matter physics, and for his contribution to the Israeli physics community and to science outreach.

Eitan Domany

Professor Eytan Domany, Weizmann Institute of Science

Is elected as Fellow of the IPS for his significant contribution to statistical physics and its application to biomedical research, and for his role in educating and training young researchers in the field.

Haim Sompolinsky

Professor Haim Sompolinsky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Is elected as Fellow of the IPS for his seminal work on statistical mechanics of neural networks, and for his leading contribution to the understanding of computational and biological neural systems.

Shimon Yankielowicz

Professor Shimon Yankielowicz, Tel Aviv University

Is elected as Fellow of the IPS for his important contributions to field and string theories, and for his unique leadership role in shaping science and youth education in Israel.


Prof. Avishay Gal Yam
President of the Israel Physical Society