Type Ic supernovae from the (intermediate) Palomar Transient Factory and the Zwicky Transient Facility

  Cristina Barbarino  
The School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University

Type Ic supernovae (SNe) are the result of the collapse of a massive star whose outer layers of hydrogen and helium have been removed. Two main scenario have been proposed for the progenitor channel: a single massive star or a binary system. They represent a quite rare class of supernovae and only with the upcoming of several surveys it was possible to build up a sample of objects being statistically significant. In this scenario, the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF) and the intermediate PTF (iPTF) bring their contributions; infact, unlike all their predecessors, those were untargeted surveys. These surveys have been a forerunner for the current Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) which has been on sky already for more than two years. I will present the SNe Ic sample found from PTF and iPTF which is the largest sample available in literature. The analysis is mainly focused on the photometric dataset, in order to estimate the explosion parameters and to investigate the progenitor system. Improvements achieved with ZTF will be also presented.