Pairs of Solitons Bound by Noise-Mediated Casimir-Like Interactions

  Offek Tziperman  ,  Kfir Sulimany  ,  Yaron Bromberg  ,  Omri Gat  
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

We study experimentally the steady states of two-soliton waveforms in a passively mode locked fiber laser. We control the steady state separation by changing the laser pumping and demonstrate a dynamical transition between bound states. The loosely-bound state, where the solitons interact at a distance incoherently through depletion of the gain, and tightly bound state, dominated by coherent overlap interactions. We find that the soliton separation is related to the Kelly sideband power, and that the solitons transition into the tightly bound state when the sidebands are especially weak. Our experiments that demonstrate flexible and predictable control of the two-pulse waveform, are a step forward towards the synthesis and shaping of multi-soliton waveforms in mode locked lasers.