Dogleg Design for an MeV Ultra-Fast Electron Diffraction Beamline for the Hybrid Photo-Emitted RF GUN at Ariel University

  Amir Weinberg  ,  Ariel Nause  
Ariel University

A secondary parallel beamline is proposed for the construction of a Mega electron Volt Ultrafast electron Diffraction (Mev UED) facility, based on the novel hybrid 6 MeV RF-GUN in the Schlesinger center for compact accelerators in Ariel University. The Addition of a second beamline requires kicking the beam sideways and back, using a dogleg section. In order to change the trajectory of the beam, while preserving as much as possible the quality of the relativistic electron beam, requires a careful design and simulation process. Start-to-end comprehensive simulations of the dogleg design were performed using GPT (General Particle Tracer) software followed by analysis and optimization for the simulations in order to achieve optimal beam parameters in the second beamline. This paper presents the results of the dogleg design and optimization.