CARMENES: Highlights from 5 years of planet hunting around nearby M dwarfs

  Lev Tal-Or [1]  ,  The CARMENES consortium [2]  
[1] Physics Department, Ariel University

CARMENES is a radial-velocity (RV) survey for exoplanets around nearby M dwarf stars. Using a high resolution dual-channel spectrograph, it provides M-star RV measurements with a precision down to ~1 m/s. In five years of surveying ~325 nearby M-dwarfs, we have detected ~30 new planets, including habitable-zone Earth-mass planets and planets that challenge planet-formation models. Some of the new planets are amenable for characterization by next-decade direct-imaging and astrometric instruments. CARMENES’ unique design allows addressing additional questions related to M dwarfs and close-in planets, such as the spectroscopic manifestation of stellar activity, magnetic field strength of active stars, and the atmospheric composition of hot Jupiters.