Atmospheric dynamics of Giant Planets

  Yohai Kaspi  
Weizmann Institute of Science

The giant planets of the Solar System, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune exhibit some of the most striking dynamical phenomena in the Solar System, such as multiple jet-streams, long-lived cyclones and turbulent convection. In this talk, we will review the physical mechanisms governing the dynamics on these planets. Particular focus will be given to recent new measurements from the Juno and Cassini spacecraft, which have been orbiting Jupiter and Saturn, respectively, in recent years. The combination of gravity, microwave, infrared, magnetic and visible measurements from these missions allowed a leap in our understaning of several fundamental aspects of these planetary atmospheres including: the dynamics of the polar regions, the depth of the atmospheric flows, the meridional circulation, the core structure and mass, and the structure of the magnetic field and how it interacts with the interior flow.