2D and 3D Numerical study of Frozen modes and the effect of gain and loss in a Finite-Size Magnetic Photonic Crystal

  Santosh Maurya  ,  Ilya Vitebskiy  ,  Andrey Chabanov  ,  Patrick Sebbah  
Department of physics, Jack and Pearl Resnick Institute of advance Technology, Bar Ilan University
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base · Air Force Research Lab, Dayton
Department of Physics and Astronomy, UTSA, San Antonio, TX

We introduce a periodic structure with broken space inversion and time reversal symmetry1. We study the problem of a microwave incident on the surface of a periodic structure with unit cell including two anisotropic dielectric layers and a magnetic layer. This magnetic photonic crystal has a dispersion relation2 which supports a stationary inflection point at which the group velocity vanishes, giving rise to a peculiar resonance, called the “frozen mode”3. Using finite element method, we analyze numerically the frozen mode in a finite periodic structure with finite transverse dimensions. Using numerical methods different transverse modes and the field profiles of the MPC structure are identified. We have studied about the effect of magnetic and electric gain and loss on the sensitivity of frozen mode. A rigorous study of SIP restoration with changing material and structural parameters is done which gives extra degree of freedom in experimental execution of numerical studies.


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