"Ion crystals for quantum computing, simulation and non-equilibrium physics"

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Symposium on Quantum Measurement

"Ion crystals for quantum computing, simulation and non-equilibrium physics"

Prof. Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler

University of Mainz

Sunday, 30 Mar, 2014 - 12:00 - 13:00

Danciger B Building, Seminar room

Ion crystals are among the most controlled quantum systems. The crystal structure is controlled with high precision using the dynamic and the static Paul potentials. As an alternative to quantum computation which small linear crystals, shuttled in micro trap arrays, as pioneered by Wineland [Science 325, 1227 (2009), PRL109, 080501 (2012)] we aim for planar crystal structures, and investigate this structural transition [PRL 109, 263003 (2012)] also under non-equilibrium conditions [Nat. Comm. 4, 2290 (2013)]. Interactions for quantum magnetic simulations are mediated using laser interactions. State-dependent forces are generated with non-resonant Raman beams [NJP 14, 093042 (2012), PRL 107, 207209 (2011), PRL 108, 235701 (2012)]. A novel approach is the use of specific properties of Rydberg excitations for trapped ion crystals, we prepare a cold 40-Ca+ ion crystal, excite the S1/2 - D5/2 transition near 729nm and apply radiation near 123nm for Rydberg excitation. We report the investigation of mixed crystals of single and doubly ionized Ca, for mode design and structural configuration [arxiv 1306.1109] along the proposals [PRL 108, 023003 (2012), PRA 87, 052304 (2013)].