Superconductivity and magnetism A

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Beena Kalisky
32 Pesla Toman Gutman - Room 210
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Lectures for this program:

Lecture Time Speaker Lecture subject
11:30-11:55 Yoav Kalcheim Navigating through the Phase Diagram of a Mott Insulator by Substrate-Induced Strain
Eti Barazani,1 Chubin Huang,1 Pavel Salev,2 Javier del Valle,3 Ivan K Schulller2 and Yoav Kalcheim1
11:55-12:08 Gal Tuvia [1] Ferroelectric Switching and Tunable Magnetic Scattering at the LAO/ETO/CSTO Interface
Ferroelectric and ferromagnetic orders rarely coexist, and magnetoelectric coupling is even more scarce.
12:08-12:21 Matan Bocarsly Imaging Chern mosaic and Berry-curvature magnetism in magic-angle graphene
Charge carriers in magic angle graphene come in eight flavors described by a combination of their spin, valley, and subl...
12:21-12:34 Avia Noah Tunable exchange bias in magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2
Exchange bias is a phenomenon critical to solid-state technologies that require spin valves or no
12:34-12:47 Itai Silber One-dimensional charge-density Moire controls superconducting properties of 4Hb-TaS2
New periodic structures created by Moire patterns can result in a dramatic decrease of the Brillouin zone that alters th...
12:47-13:00 Amotz Peri Measuring Superconducting Stiffness and Coherence of Magnetic Materials with zero-applied field
Superconducting (SC) stiffness ρs and coherence length ξ are usually measured by applying a magnetic field and measuring...