High Energy (Experiment+Phenomenology) B

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Yevgeny Kats
32 Pesla Toman Gutman - Room 206
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Lectures for this program:

Lecture Time Speaker Lecture subject
15:45-15:59 Abhishek Banerjee Search for oscillations of fundamental constants using spectroscopy
A possible implication of an ultralight dark matter (UDM) field interacting with the Standard Model (SM) degrees of free...
16:00-16:14 Tao Xu [1] Correlating Gravitational Wave and Gamma-ray Signals from Primordial Black Holes
16:15-16:29 Reuven Balkin [1] Heavy neutron stars from light scalars
Light scalars are a generic predi
16:30-16:44 Joel Barir Gravitational Waves From Incomplete Inflationary Phase Transitions
We study the observable implications of an incomplete first order phase transition during inflation.
16:45-16:59 kobi kolodner Numerical Exploration of Symmetry Breaking Patterns for Composite Higgs
Through numerical results and theoretical analysis, we were able to disprove the validity of a composite Higgs model. In...