Climate Physics

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Golan Bel
72 - Sonnenfeldt Auditorium
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Chaim Garfinkel The Quasi-Biennial Oscillation, the most predictable phenomena in Earth's atmosphere, and its response to climate change
Projecting the weather on subseasonal and seasonal time scales is extremely difficult yet essential fo
Ehud Strobach [1] The role of a Mediterranean Sea eddy in the January 2020 flooding in Israel
On January 8, 2020, an extreme storm event took place in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, during which 100-130mm of rain f...
Rei Chemke Elucidating the Mechanisms Responsible for the future Hadley Cell Weakening
Nir J. Shaviv The Solar Climate Link and its Implications to the Understanding of Past and Future Climate Change
The solar climate link is crucial to the undersating of climate change.