Astrophysics & Cosmology (Plenary + Theory) A

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Vincent Desjacques
26 Kreitman - Room 5
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Lectures for this program:

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11:30-11:42 Oded Aharonon Israel Large Astrophysical Infrastructure: The Case for Joining ESO
Astronomy is transitioning to large-scale projects that involve a large number of researchers from different countries,...
11:42-12:07 Nicholas Stone Tidal Disruption Events: A New Black Hole Census
When unlucky stars pass too close to massive black holes, they are torn apart by tidal forces.  The return of bound...
12:12-12:24 Luca Teodori [1] Comments on the mass sheet degeneracy in cosmography analyses
We make a number of comments regarding modeling degeneracies in strong lensing measurements of the Hubble parameter H_0.
12:24-12:36 Ashish Kumar Meena Caustic-Crossing Events in Cluster Lenses
The detection of several caustic crossing (CC) events in galaxy cluster fields opened a new window to observe individual...
12:36-12:48 Tal Abadi Probing gravitational slip with strongly lensed fast radio bursts
The rapid accumulation of observed Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) originating from cosmological distances makes it like
12:48-13:00 Asher Yahalom Tully–Fisher Relations and Retardation Theory for Galaxies
Galaxies are huge physical systems having dimensions of many tens of thousands of light years.