Strongly Correlated and low dimensional systems B

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Snir Gazit
32 Pesla Toman Gutman - Room 308
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15:45-16:07 Yonathan Anahory [1] Interior and edge magnetization in thin exfoliated CrGeTe3 films
CrGeTe3 (CGT) is a semiconducting vdW ferromagnet shown to possess magnetism down to a two-layer thick sample.
16:07-16:24 Misha Yutushui How neutral modes affect charge conductance in the new=5/2 state.
We propose an experiment to identify the topological order of the 
16:24-16:41 Aabhaas Vineet Mallik [1] Kagome bilayer inter-metallic systems as a platform for realising novel electronic phases.
Inspired by the first principles results for a bilayer Fe3Sn2 [PRL 125, 026401 (2020)]we obtain low energy tight binding...
16:36-16:58 Evyatar Tulipman Strongly coupled phonon fluid and Goldstone modes in an anharmonic quantum solid: transport and chaos
We study properties of thermal transport and quantum many-body chaos in a lattice model with $N\to\infty$  oscillat...
16:58-17:15 Cheolhee Han [1] Fractional entropy of multichannel charge Kondo systems from conductance-charge relations
Fractional entropy is a signature of nonlocal degrees of freedom, such as Majorana zero modes or more exotic non-Abelian...