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IPS Conference 2022 - Chairpersons

Session / Category / Sub-CategoriesChairperson
  -- Plenary lecture
- None Selected -
  -- Stat. Phys and fluid, Condense matter & AMO, particle, nuclear, astrophysics
- None Selected -
  -- Astrophysics & Cosmology (theory), Astrophysics & Cosmology (observational)
Dr. Benny Trakhtenbrot
0 Vincent Desjacques
Particle and Nuclear Physics
  -- Nuclear physics, High energy physics (Theory), High Energy (Experiment+Phenomenology) A, Reactor physics
Dr. Yotam Soreq
Prof. Chen Dubi
Atomic, Molecular and Optics
  -- Quantum optics, Atoms and molecules, Optics and Photonics, Quantum Information and Technology A, Nonlinear and ultrafast optics
Dr. Alex Retzker
Condensed Matter (CM)
  -- Topological Materials A, Physics of layered materials, Strongly Correlated and low dimensional systems A, Topological Materials B, Superconductivity and magnetism B, Superconductivity and magnetism A, Strongly Correlated and low dimensional systems B
Dr. Muntaser Naamneh
Prof. Beena Kalisky
Prof. Daniel Podolsky
Snir Gazit
Eran Sela
Dr. Dganit Meidan
Soft-matter Nonlinear Biological and Statistical Physics
  -- Biological Physics, Soft Matter , Nonlinear and Complex , Statistical Physics 2, Biological Physics 2, Statistical Mechanics
Prof. Haim Diamant
Prof. Mario Feingold
Prof. Eran Bouchbinder
Applied Physics
  -- Applied physics
- None Selected -
Science Education
  -- Science Education
Dr. Avi Merzel
Materials physics
  -- Materials at the nanoscale: between a solid and a molecule, Energy materials: structure, function and applications
- None Selected -
  -- Climate Physics
Dr. Golan Bel
Physics in Industry
Prof. Hagai Eisenberg
Prof. Asher Yahalom