The Israel Physical Society Award for young physicists, 2021


The Jacob Bekenstein Theoretical Physics Prize for young Physicists

Dr. Yonit Hochberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

For originating numerous promising new ideas concerning the nature of dark matter, and possible avenues for its detection.

 The Nathan Rosen Experimental Physics Prize for Young Physicists

Dr. Shikma Bressler, Weizmann Institute of Science

For her development, within and beyond the ATLAS collaboration, of innovative and original strategies and techniques of particle detection and data analysis.


The Israel Physical Society Students Award, 2021


The Yoel Rakah prize for Theory students 

Ore Gottlieb, Tel Aviv University                                                          

For his groundbreaking contributions to numerical modeling of relativistic astrophysical phenomena.


The Asher Peres prize for experimental students

Dalya Baron, Tel Aviv University

For her leadership in bringing novel data science approaches to astrophysics, thus enabling new discoveries through the identification of weak signals and hidden patterns in immense datasets.


The Amos de Shalit prize for an outstanding PhD thesis

Or katz, Weizmann Institute of scienve

For breakthrough theoretical and experimental research establishing an interface between photons and long-lived spins of atomic gasses.


The IPS 2021 Poster Awards



Gal Birenbaum, (Tel Aviv University)  Modeling the multi-wavelength linear polarization in GRB afterglows

Soft-matter Nonlinear Biological and Statistical physics:

Anat Vivante, (Bar Ilan University) Chromatin Viscoelasticity Measured by Local Dynamic Analysis


Yiming Pan and Alex Dikopoltsev, (Technion) Anomalous Floquet Thouless pumping


Ilia Tutunnikov, (Weizmann Institute of Science) Echoes in single quantum systems

Additional Physical disciplines:

Y. Korotinsky, (Ben Gurion University) Microdosimetry aspects of Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy