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Dr. Ehoud Pazy



Organizing committee

Dr. Ehoud Pazy (Conference Chair)

Dr. Chen Dubi

Hadar Alper

IPS Conference 2021 - Chairpersons

Session / Category / Sub-CategoriesChairperson
Dr. Ehoud Pazy
  -- Particle and high-energy physics, Condensed Matter, Astronomy, Planetary and Space Science B, Applied Physics, Plasma Physics, Atomic, Molecular and Optics (AMO)
Dr. Yotam Soreq
Dr. Roni Ilan
Prof. Oded Aharonson
Dr. Israel Mardor
Prof. Amnon Fruchtman
Prof. Nadav Katz
Astronomy, Planetary and Space Science (APSS)
  -- Astronomy, Planetary and Space Sciences A1, Astronomy, Planetary and Space Sciences A2
Prof. Oded Aharonson
Dr. Orly Gnat
Mr. Roy Naor
Dr. Lev Tal-Or
Dr. Cristina Barbarino
Atomic, Molecular and Optics (AMO)
  -- Quantum information, Optics and Photonics, Atoms and Molecules, Nonlinear and ultrafast optics, Quantum optics
Prof. Nadav Katz
Prof. Avi Pe'er
Dr. Shlomi Kotler
Dr. Jonathan Ruhman
Prof. Amiel Ishaaya
0 Hadas Soifer
Prof. Yoav Sagi
Prof. Lev Khaykovich
Dr. Ofer Firstenberg
Condensed Matter (CM)
  -- Superconductivity, Strongly correlated quantum matter, Physics of layered materials, Topological phases of matter
Dr. Hadar Steinberg
Dr. Roni Ilan
Dr. Snir Gazit
Dr. Moshe Ben Shalom
0 Nurit Avraham
Dr. Muntaser Naamneh
Soft-matter Nonlinear Biological and Statistical physics
  -- Soft Matter Physics, Statistical Physics (1), Statistical Physics (2), Complex Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics, Biological Physics (1), Biological Physics (2)
Dr. efi efrati
Dr. Michael Moshe
Prof. Shmuel Rubinstein
Dr. Naomi Oppenheimer
Prof. Nir Gov
Dr. Shlomi Reuveni
Particle and Nuclear Physics
  -- HEP EX/PH A2, HEP EX/PH B1, HEP TH (formal theory), HEP EX/PH A1, HEP EX/PH B2, Nuclear Physics A, Nuclear Physics B
Dr. Yotam Soreq
Dr. Enrique Kajomovitz
Michael Geller
Prof. Amit Sever
Dr. Lior Arazi
Physics Education
  -- Physics Education
Dr. Avi Merzel
Additional Physical disciplines
Dr. Ehoud Pazy
Physics in Industry
  -- Physics in Industry
Dr. Yehuda Naveh
Applied Physics
  -- Applied Physics
Dr. Israel Mardor
Material Physics
  -- Material Physics
Prof. Guy Makov
Fluid Dynamics
  -- Fluid Dynamics
Dr. Yoav Green
Plasma Physics
  -- Plasma Physics, Plasma Physics - Afternoon
Prof. Amnon Fruchtman