Soft Matter and Biological Physics

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Avraham Be'er
Wolfson House
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Lectures for this program:

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14:00-14:30 (invited) Eli Barkai The Hitchiker model for Laplace diffusion in the cell/glassy environment
14:30-14:42 Yoav G. Pollack[1] Fast vs. gradual death in growth-dominated cellular active matter
Cell life-cycle processes such as growth, division and death, often all happen on a similar timescale, as do the resulta...
14:42-14:54 Eial Teomy Mobility increased by crowdiness: combined effect of density and memory
Random walks with memory are ubiquitous in nature, for example in turbulence, active matter, animal moveme
14:54-15:06 Michael Levy Cell-free autonomous synthesis and assembly of a ribosomal subunit on a chip
Ribosome biogenesis is an efficient and complex assembly process that has not been reconstructed outside a living cell s...
15:06-15:18 Avraham Moriel [1] Cellular mechanosensitivity and the emergence of orientational order in self-organizing tissues
Understanding cellular mechanosensitivity and its tissue-level manifestations pose fundamental questions, with far-reach...
15:18-15:30 Ohad Vilk Extinction risk of a Metapopulation under bistable local dynamics
We study the extinction risk of a fragmented population residing on a network of patches coupled by migration, where the...