High Energy (Phenomenology)

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Yevgeny Kats
Weissman Aquarium
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Lectures for this program:

Lecture Time Speaker Lecture subject
14:00-14:10 Abhishek Banerjee Relaxed Relaxion
We show that the relaxion is generically stabilised at a special position in the field space, changing the parametric de...
14:11-14:21 Inbar Savoray Probing CP-violation in photon-photon interactions with cavities
We are interested in probing CP Violation (CPV) in photon-photon interactions.
14:22-14:32 Eric David Kramer Exceptionally Heavy Thermal Dark Matter from Inverse Semi-Annihilations
14:33-14:43 James Eiger Detecting Dark Photons from Atomic Rearrangement in the Universe
We study a relatively simple model of atomic dark matter in which an atomic rearrangement pr
14:44-14:54 Aviv Shalit Dynamical solutions to the Strong CP problem without the Peccei-Quinn symmetry
14:55-15:05 Nitsan Bar Is there a supernova bound on axions
We present a critical assessment of the SN1987A supernova cooling bound on axions and other light particles.
15:06-15:16 Yaniv Weiss [1] The electroweak effective field theory the on-shell way
We use on-shell methods to construct the renormalizable and effective electroweak amplitudes, with no reference to an ef...
15:17-15:27 Itay Bloch [1] Crunching Away the Cosmological Constant Problem: Dynamical Selection of a Small Lambda
I will discuss a novel explanation for the smallness of the observed cosmological constant (CC).