Soft Matter and Biological Physics

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Elisha Moses
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Elisha Moses, Weizmann
Eng. 249
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Lectures for this program:

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16:15-16:40 (invited) Eli Sloutskin How faceted liquid droplets grow tails
Among all possible shapes of a volume V, a sphere has the smallest surface area A.
16:45-17:00 Yohai Bar-Sinai Is Statistical Field Theory applicable to inhomogeneous polymers? (hint: not always)
The application of Statistical Field Theory, based on the assumption that some physical quantities depend only on long w...
17:00-17:15 Guy Nir [1,2] Near–wall internal diffusion coefficients of a tethered dsDNA molecule under shear flow
Polymer-surface interactions govern the dialogue of a polymer and its surrounding, hence their manifestation is reflecte...
17:15-17:30 Ram Adar Interaction between patchy surfaces: the attraction scenario
When solid surfaces are immersed in aqueous solutions, some of their charges can dissociate, and in some experimental se...
17:30-17:45 Lihi Musbat, Yoni Toker Direct Measurement of the Isomerization Barrier of the Isolated Retinal Chromophore
17:45-18:00 Alexandra M. Tayar [1] Propagating gene expression fronts in a one-dimensional coupled system of artificial cells
Front propagation is a fundamental phenomenon in driven non-linear systems that enable transmitting information over a l...