Conference committees

Scientific organizing committee

  • Avi Pe'er, BIU  (chair)
  • Yuval Garini, BIU
  • Yaron Oz, TAU (IPS president)
  • Yaron Silberberg, Weizmann
  • Yigal Meir, BGU
  • Eytan Grosfeld, BGU
  • Dafne Guetta, Ort-Barude
  • Nadav Katz, HUJI


Local organizing committee

  • Avi Pe'er, BIU  (chair)
  • Rachel Rotberg (administration)
  • Lea Kaiser (administration)
  • Rita Goldner (assistance)


IPS Conference 2015 - Chairpersons

Session / Category / Sub-CategoriesChairperson
  -- Plenary lecture
Prof. Yaron Silberberg
  -- High energy and Astrophysics, Quantum and Solid state physics, Biophysics and Statistical Physics
Prof. Tomer Volansky
Prof. Lior Klein
Prof. Yariv Kafri
  -- Observational, Theory
Prof. Hagai Perets
Prof. Tsvi Piran
High Energy Physics
  -- High energy - experiment, High energy - theory
Prof. Tomer Volansky
0 Erez Etzion
Quantum Physics
  -- Quantum foundations, Atomic and molecular physics, Quantum information, Photonics and optics, Ultracold atoms and molecules, Nuclear Physics
Prof. Lev Khaykovich
Dr. Ofer Firstenberg
Prof. Ron Folman
Prof. Ron Guy
Prof. Avi Pe'er
Condensed Matter
  -- Topological phases and excitations, Strongly correlated electronic systems, Superconductivity and magnetism, Material physics and nanophysics, Condensed matter and mesoscopic physics
Prof. Beena Kalisky
Prof. Assa Auerbach
Prof. Efrat Shimshoni
Dr. Hadar Steinberg
Dr. Ehoud Pazy
Dr. Eyal Yahel
Statistical Mechanics
  -- Statistical physics, Soft matter, Nonequilibrium physics
Prof. Yitzhak Rabin
Elisha Moses
Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
  -- Complexity in biological systems, plasma physics, Nonlinear dynamics, bio-physics
Prof. David Mukamel
Prof. Avraham Be'er
Dr. Anatoli Shlapakovski
Elisha Moses
Prof. Yitzhak Rabin
Applied Physics
  -- Applied physics, Physics in industry
Yossi Paltiel