IPS Conference 2015 - Meeting Posters

Presenter Institute Title Submission category
Bella Ilkanaiv [1]
Gil Ariel [2]
Zuckerberg InstituteIns...
The impact of cell aspect ratio on bacterial swarming Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Nava Leibovich Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan, Ramat-Gan, Israel Aging Wiener-Khinchin Theorem Statistical Mechanics
David Yanuka [1]
Maxim Kozlov [2]
Technion, Haifa, Israel...
Convergence of shock waves generated by underwater electrical explosion of cylindrical wire arrays between different boundary geometries Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Tomer Markovich [1]
David Andelman [1]
Raymond and Beverly Sac...
Charge regulation: a generalized boundary condition? Statistical Mechanics
Pavel Tikhonov [1]
Efrat Shimshoni [1]
Department of Physics,...
Emergence of helical edge conduction in graphene at the ν=0 quantum Hall state Condensed Matter
Yiftach Frenkel [1]
Noam Haham [1]
Department of Physics,...
Imaging and quantifying the effect of STO domains on transport in LAO/STO interfaces Condensed Matter
Yulia Sokolov
Haim Diamant
Tel Aviv University Inflation and deflation of driven colloidal rings Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Mordecai Kot
Moshe Goldstein
Tel Aviv University Hall Viscosity in Solid State Systems Condensed Matter
Daniel Dribin Racah Institute of Physics The Hebrew University of Jerusale... Building a Positron Annihilation spectroscopy using a DRS4 digitizer Quantum Physics
Michael M. Danziger
Sebastian M. Krause
Department of Physics,...
Secure communication on networks with no trusted nodes using color avoiding percolation Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Maayan Shalom
Yael Roichman
Tel Aviv University The effect of adsorption on the microrheology of nanoparticles/hydrogel composites Statistical Mechanics
Elhanan Maguid, Igor Yulevich, Nir Shitrit, Dekel Veksler, Vladimir Kleiner, Erez Hasman Micro and Nanooptics Laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical Engin... Optical spin Hall effect in quasicrystal metasurface Condensed Matter
Omri J. Sharon
Noam Haham
Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University Fluxoids configurations in finite superconducting networks Condensed Matter
Daniel Louzon [1,2]
Thomas Unden [2]
Racah Institute of Phys...
Quantum metrology enhanced by repetitive quantum error correction Quantum Physics
Ben Ohayon
Guy Ron
Racah Institute of physics An efficient atom-trap setup for beta-decay studies Quantum Physics
Yaakov Shaked
Rafi Z. Vered
Department of physics and BINA Center of nano-technology, Ba... Lifting the Bandwidth Limit of Optical Homodyne Measurement Quantum Physics
Yochai Werman
Erez Berg
Weizmann Institute of Science Resistivity saturation in a tractable electron-phonon model Condensed Matter
Tony Yamin
Yakov M. Strelniker
Department of Physics and Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnolo... High Resolution Hall Measurement across the Phase Separated Metal-Insulator Transition in VO2 Reveals Non-Trivial Relation to Carrier Density Condensed Matter
Chen Avinadav [1,2]
Dimitry Yankelev [1,2]
Weizmann Institute of S...
Trapped atom interferometry using Bloch oscillations in optical lattices Quantum Physics
Maria Nihamkin
Jonathan Toker
Bar Ilan University The Bar Ilan Action Spectrometer Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Simcha Korenblit [1]
Ydan Bendor [1]
The Hebrew University o...
Quantum Walks in a Globally Connected Superconducting Network Quantum Physics
Yossi Rosenzweig
Yechezkel Schlussel
Department of Physics, Ben Gurion University of the Negev “Doppler-free” type pump-probe spectroscopy in diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers Quantum Physics
Anna Kremen [1]
Shai Wissberg [1]
Bar-Ilan University, Department of Physics and Institute of... Mechanical control of individual superconducting vortices Condensed Matter
Gil Atar [1,2]
Idan Casif [2]
Applied Physics Divisio...
Near-Single-Mode Operation of Highly-Multimode Waveguides Imposed by Sidewall Roughness Scattering Applied Physics
Omer Amit [1]
David Groswasser [1]
Ben-Gurion University...
Ultracold-Rb Atomic Clock Applied Physics
I. C. Fulga [1]
D. I. Pikulin [2]
Department of Condensed...
Aperiodic weak topological superconductors Condensed Matter
Shai Wissberg [1,2]
Eylon Persky [1,2]
Physics Department, Bar...
Probing complex oxide interfaces with scanning SQUID microscopy Condensed Matter
Parry Y. Chen [1]
Jacob Ben-Yakar [1]
Tel Aviv University...
Reinterpreting the magnetoelectric coupling of infinite cylinders using symmetry: a simple TM/TE view Quantum Physics
Dolev Roitman
Itay Kishon
School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel-Aviv University, Israel High Intensity Laser Irradiation of Solid Targets at a High Repetition Rate Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Raz Halifa- Levi [1]
Yacov Kantor [1]
Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Physics and Astronomy,... Ideal polymers: equilibrium properties from non-equilibrium processes Statistical Mechanics
Itzhack Dana Minerva Center and Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan Universit... Topological Properties of Adiabatically Varied Floquet Systems and Coupled Chains Condensed Matter
Arbel Haim [1]
Erez Berg [1]
Department of Condensed...
Current Correlations in a Majorana Beam Splitter Condensed Matter
Raul A. Santos [1,2]
Dmitri Gutman [2]
Department of Condensed...
Stability of interacting helical modes in a time reversal topological insulator. Condensed Matter
Moran Netser
Noa Feldman
Tel Aviv University Search for Pairs of Long-Lived Particles at BaBar High Energy Physics
Moti Fridman
Faculty of Engineering,...
Radial and azimuthal polarizations induced by long period fiber grating Applied Physics
Shmuel Sternklar
Moshe Ben-Ayun
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ariel U... Fundamental limits of phase-shift measurement: Comparing optical interferometry to a new technique based on RF phase-shift amplification Quantum Physics
Elyashiv Shacham
Igor Liokomovich
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ariel U... Brillouin single-sideband amplification of OTDR signals for high sensitivity strain and vibration sensing Applied Physics
Denis Golosov Bar-Ilan University Stoner-like theory of Magnetism in Silicon MOSFETs Condensed Matter
Yuval Shagam [1]
Ayelet Klein [1]
Department of Chemical...
Probing long-range forces of a molecular quantum rotor in cold reactions Quantum Physics
Zehavit Eizig [1]
Dan Thomas Major [2]
The Biophysical Interdi...
Spectroscopic Aspects of the Cationic Dye Basic Orange 21 Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Meytal Duer
Eli Piasetzky
School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University Study of Short Range Correlations via the A(e,e'n) reaction using CLAS detector at Jefferson Laboratory Quantum Physics
D. Izraeli [1]
M. Durante [2]
Tel-Aviv University, Is...
Ion Therapy Quantum Physics
Israel Weinberger [1]
Nir Barnea [1
The Hebrew University Removing Center of Mass Effects from Calculated Response Functions Quantum Physics
Nir Nevo Dinur [1]
Chen Ji [2]
The Hebrew University o...
Understanding the proton radius puzzle: Nuclear structure effects in light muonic atoms Quantum Physics
Lerner Eitan [1]
Chung Sangyoon [1]
Dept. of Chemistry...
Pausing in Escherichia Coli transcription initiation Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Chen Bar Haim
Haim Diamant
Tel Aviv University Velocity Pair Correlations in a Suspension Confined Between two Elastic Surfaces Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Atindra Nath Pal
Arindam Ghosh
Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalor... 1/f noise as a probe to investigate the band structure of graphene Condensed Matter
Atindra Nath Pal
Fabrizio Nichele
Solid State Physics Laboratory, ETH Zurich, 8093 Zurich, Swi... Electronic transport in InAs/GaSb composite quantum well: A possible candidate for 2D topological insulator Condensed Matter
M. Ya. Amusia [1,2]
L. V. Chernysheva [2]
The Racah Institute of...
The role of fullerene shell upon stuffed atom polarization potential Condensed Matter
M. Ya. Amusia Racah Institute of Physics, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem... Light generation in collisions of atoms with a linear chain of fullerenes Condensed Matter
T. Yelin [1]
R. Korytar [2]
Chemical Physics, Weizm...
The Upper Limit of Conductance across a Single Molecule Quantum Physics