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Presenter Institute Title Submission category
Daria Prilutsky [1,2,3]
Boris Rogachev [4]
Department of Virology,...
Fast Classification of Pathological Processes in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Based on Blood Samples A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Noa Kurzweil
Eugene Kogan
The Department of physics, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, I... Itinerant Ferromagnetism in the electronic localization limit A4 : Low dimensional & Nanosystems I
Ze'ev Shpilman [1,2]
Irina Gouzman [1]
Space Environment Secti...
Interaction of Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Thin Films with Atomic Oxygen A9 : Material Physics
Yacov Kantor [1]
Mehran Kardar [2]
Tel Aviv University...
Statistical Mechanics of Elongated Hard Particles in One Dimension A6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics I
Eran Segev
Oren Suchoi
Quantum Engineering Lab., Department of Electrical Engineeri... Self-Oscillations in a superconducting stripline Resonator integrated with a DC-Squid A7 : Quantum information
Shelomo I. Ben-Abraham Department of Physics, Ben-Gurion University, IL-84105 Beer-... Quasiregular heterostuctures and double-sided substitution sequences A9 : Material Physics
A.L. Grinberg [1]
A. Herman [2]
Tel Aviv University...
Monitoring cryotherapy with interventional MRI: Studies of umbilical cord A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Herzel Aharoni [1]
Monuko du Plessis [2]
Department of Electrica...
Proposed Model for the Effect of Microplasmas Properties on the Light Emission Spectrum from Single Crystal Reverse Biased Silicon PN Junctions A9 : Material Physics
Lior Turgeman [1]
Shai Carmi [1]
Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University A Fractional Schrodinger Equation for non-Brownian Functionals A6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics I
Eli Kraisler [1,2]
Guy Makov [2,3]
Raymond and Beverley Sa...
Density-functional calculations for atomic systems. The treatment of non-pure-state v-representable densities. A9 : Material Physics
Aviram Gur [1]
Ran Aharoni [1]
School of Engineering a...
Fully Lensless Microscopy based on Sub-Wavelength Non-Periodic Holes Array Plate A8 : Optics
Shahar Hirshfeld
Steve Lipson
Physics Dept, Technion, Haifa Measuring Directly the Orbital Angular Momentum of Light. A8 : Optics
Ran Aharoni [1.2.3]
Moshe Sinvani [1.2]
School of Engineering,...
All-Optical Fiber-Integrated Silicon based Modulator A8 : Optics
Gregory Samelsohn Holon Institute of Technology Diffusing wave tomography of time-varying random media A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Kobi Barkan [1]
Ron Lifshitz [1]
School of Physics &...
Stability of soft quasicrystals composed of isotropic particles A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Dan Klarman
David Andelman
Tel-Aviv University A Simple Model for Contact Angle Saturation in Electrowetting Systems A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Naomi Oppenheimer
Haim Diamant
Tel-Aviv University Correlated diffusion of membrane proteins A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
A. Sharypov
A. Eilam
Bar-Ilan University Phase-dependent propagation in a two-level system with intermediate states A8 : Optics
Revital Kopeliansky
Avner Shaulov
Bar-Ilan University Possibility of vortex structural phase transition in the superconducting pnictide BaFe1.8Co0.2As2 A2 : Superconductivity & Magnetisem I
Roie Shlomovitz
Nir Gov
Weizmann institute of science Membrane-mediated interactions drive the condensation and coalescence of FtsZ rings A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Maayan Moshe [1]
Kogan V. G. [2]
"The Raymond and B...
Josephson junctions in thin films A2 : Superconductivity & Magnetisem I
Lawrence Horwitz [1]
Gershon Avi [2]
School of Physics, Tel...
Hamiltonian Map to Conformal Modification of Spacetime Metric: Kaluza-Klein and TeVeS A3 : Astrophysics I
Micha Nixon [1]
Moti Fridman [1]
Weizmann Institute of S...
Nonlinear dynamics of weakly coupled lasers B6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics II
Roi Levy
Yigal Meir
Physics Department Ben Gurion University Quantum Hall Insulator B2 : Superconductivity & magnetism II
Ariel Nause
Egor Dyunin
Tel Aviv University Electron beam shot noise supression by collective coulomb interaction: 3D analysis B8 : Plasma physics
Turgeman Lior
Carmi Shai
Bar - Ilan university Fractional Feynmann-Kac equation for non-brownian functionals A6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics I
Yevgeni Estrin [1]
Daniel H. Rich [1]
Department of Physics,...
Time-resolved cathodoluminescence study of ZnxCd1-xSe/C Core/Shell Nanocrystals with phase-separation A4 : Low dimensional & Nanosystems I
Dan Ben-Yaakov [1]
David Andelman [1]
Raymond and Beverly Sac...
Ions in mixed dielectric solvents: density profiles and osmotic pressure between charged interfaces A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Inna Nusinsky
Amos A. Hardy
Department of Electrical Engineering - Physical Electronics,... Analytical calculations of complex-shaped two-dimensional photonic crystals A8 : Optics
E. Flaxer [1]
M. Klebanov [2]
AFEKA - Tel-Aviv Academ...
Photodarkening of some amorphous chalcogenide films under µs light pulses A8 : Optics
Ramon Szmuk Ben-Gurion University Nanowire atomchip traps for sub-micron atom-surface distances B7 : Cold atoms
Jonatan Coslovsky Ben-Gurion University Reducing decoherence on atom chips by material engineering B7 : Cold atoms
Ido Barth [1]
Lazar Friedland [1]
Racah Institute of Phys...
Autoresonant Transition in the Presence of Noise and Self-Fields B8 : Plasma physics
Eidelstein Eitan Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem... On the Transition from a Large to a Small Fermi Surface in the Kondo-Heisenberg Chain A2 : Superconductivity & Magnetisem I
Ido Azuri
Wilson-Gordon Arlene
Chemistry Department Bar-Ilan University Phase-dependent group velocity A8 : Optics
Pavel Khain
Lazar Friedland
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Averaged variational principle for autoresonant Bernstein-Greene-Kruskal (BGK) modes B8 : Plasma physics
Noa Geva [1]
Yaron Hakuk [1]
Bar Ilan University, School of Engineering, Bio-Engineering Neural engineering using novel biolistic delivery of nanoparticles into living tissue A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Joel Ratsaby Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Ariel Uni... Randomness properties of statistical prediction A6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics I
M.I. Tsindlekht [1]
V.M. Genkin [1]
The Racah Institute of...
AC response of the surface superconducting states of YB6 and ZrB12 single crystals in a swept magnetic field B2 : Superconductivity & magnetism II
Yuri Lurie
Yosef Pinhasi
Ariel University Center of Samaria Modal description of longitudinal space-charge fields in pulsed-driven free-electron devices B8 : Plasma physics
Shlomit Weissman
David A. Kessler
Bar Ilan University Optimal Dispersal Rates in Meta-Population Models A4 : Low dimensional & Nanosystems I
Moti Ben-Harush and Itzhack Dana Minerva Center and Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan Universit... Kicked Hall Systems: Generic Suppression of Weak Chaos on a Universal Stochastic Web B6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics II
Amit Giveon [1]
Dan Gorbonos [2]
Racah Institute of Phys...
Fundamental Strings and Higher Derivative Corrections to d-Dimensional Black Holes A1. High Energy Physics I
Alexander Gersten
Amnon Moalem
Ben Gurion University The Maxwell’s equations and the equivalent first quantized photon equations from a scalar Lagrangian formalism. A1. High Energy Physics I
S. Levy [1]
I. Shlimak [1]
Department of Physics,...
Influence of a strong neutron irradiation on the size and spatial distribution of Ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix A4 : Low dimensional & Nanosystems I
Moshe Einat
Meir Grajower
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ariel U... Thermal inkjet heaters experimental parameters and micro-boiling limits A4 : Low dimensional & Nanosystems I
Lukas W. Snyman [1]
K. Ogudo [1]
Tshwane University of T...
simulation of optical propagation mechanisms in cmos integrated circuitry - basis for development of smart Si led (450nm-750nm) based on-chip micro-mechanical optical sensors (cmos-moems) A8 : Optics
Reuben Shuker
Alon Har-Tal
Physics Department, Ben Gurion University of the Negev Counterintuitive gain without inversion enhancement in pulsed fields sequence A8 : Optics
Avi Malki
M. Zilka
Nuclear Physics Department, Tel Aviv University Measurement of the radon diffusion length in thin membranes A9 : Material Physics
M. Klebanov [1] *
V. Lyubin [1]
Department of Physics,...
New chalcogenide glassy photo- and electron beam resists: physical properties and application A9 : Material Physics
M. Manevich [1] *
J. Varshal [1]
Department of Electro-o...
Investigation of physical properties and micro-optical application of sulfide-selenide thin films A9 : Material Physics
Asher Yahalom
Yosef Pinhasi
Ariel University Center of Samaria Transmission through Multiple Layers in UWB Communications A8 : Optics
Asher Yahalom Ariel University Center of Samaria Simplified Variational Principles for Non-Stationary Topological Fluid Dynamics A6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics I
Yosef Pinhasi
Asher Yahalom
Ariel University Center of Samaria Propagation Analysis of Ultra-Short Pulses in Resonant Dielectric Media A8 : Optics
R. Englman Soreq NRC Possible Breakdown of the Adiabatic Theorem in an Aharonov-Bohm Set Up A9 : Material Physics
Baruch Rosenstein [1]
Meir Lewkowicz [2]
NCTU, Hsinchu, Taiwan...
Dynamics of Particle-Hole Pair Creation in Graphene A4 : Low dimensional & Nanosystems I
Alon Eliran [1,2]
Avraham Gover [1]
Tel-Aviv University...
Statistical Study of Undulator Radiated Power by a Classical Detection System in the Mm-Wave Regime B8 : Plasma physics
Iulian Rusu Technical University’ Gheorghe Asachi’, Department of Chemic... Consideration on the stability and durability of historical materials A9 : Material Physics
Yulia Sokolov
Yael Roichman
Tel Aviv University Pairing effect of colloidal particles driven in optical vortices A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Gali Dekel [1]
Oleg Farberovich [1]
Tel Aviv University...
Non linear dynamics of Macroscopic tunneling - from point like to elongated trap. A6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics I
Yosef E. Maruvka
David A. Kessler
Department of Physics Bar Ilan University The Neutral Theory of Everything A6 : Statistical & Nonlinear physics I
Shmuel Sternklar
Er'el Granot
Ariel University Center of Samaria, Dept. of Electrical and... Mutually Modulated Cross-Gain Modulation for RF Optical Procesing and Slow Light A8 : Optics
Yossi Ben-Aderet [1,2]
Er'el Granot [1]
Ariel University Center...
Optical Impulse Response Reconstruction of a Scattering Medium with the Differential Multiply Subtractive Kramers-Kronig Method A8 : Optics
Eldad Peretz [1]
David Barlam [2]
Physics Department, Ben...
Elastic mechanism of Self ordering of QDS A4 : Low dimensional & Nanosystems I
Boaz Keren-Zur Tel Aviv University Phenomenology of metastable SUSY breaking A1. High Energy Physics I
Leon Berdichevsky
Ofer Aharony
Weizmann Institute of Science Inverted Sparticle Hierarchies from Natural Particle Hierarchies A1. High Energy Physics I
Ido Kanter [1]
Evi Kopelowitz [1]
Department of Physics,...
Public Channel Cryptography: Chaos Synchronization and Hilbert’s Tenth Problem A7 : Quantum information
Moshe Lindner
Guy Nir
Physics Department & Nanotechnology Institute, Bar Ilan... Measuring the 3D-distribution of DNA conformation using Tethered Particle Motion (TPM) A5 : Soft matter & Biophysics I
Motti Bitton Tel Aviv University Feynman diagrams: Do we really need all of that? High Energy Physics
Meni Shay [1]
Amit Keren [2]
Ort Braude College...
Raman Scattering in CLBLCO - an analogue to the Isotope effect Correlated electron and boson systems
Elad Stolovicki
Lindsay S. Moore
Department of Physics & Network Biology Research Laborat... Evolvability of gene regulation: from single cells to populations Biophysics
Joan Adler Physics Department, Technion Simulation framework for multiscale phenomena in nano and micro scaled systems Statistical Physics
Yuval Vardi
Avraham Guttman
Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Weizmann Institute o... Random Telegraph Signal in a Metallic Double-Dot System CondMat
Bella Ilkanaiv [1]
Gil Ariel [2]
Zuckerberg InstituteIns...
The impact of cell aspect ratio on bacterial swarming Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Amit Dekel Tel Aviv University Self-Duality of Integrable Green-Schwarz Sigma-Models High Energy Physics
Amir Waxman Physics department Ben Gurion University Diamond NV center magnetometry Applied Physics
Irit Goldian [1]
Nir Kampf [1]
Materials and Interface...
Looking for Indications of Phase Transition of OMCTS Nanometrically-Thin Films During Stick -Slip Friction Material physics
Jorge Berger Department of Physics and Optical Engineering, Ort-Braude Co... Flux-induced Nernst effect in a superconducting loop CondMat
Nava Leibovich Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan, Ramat-Gan, Israel Aging Wiener-Khinchin Theorem Statistical Mechanics
Yochay Eshel
Gilad Perez
Weizmann Institute of Science Radion Mass in Stabilization Mechanisms of Warped Extra Dimension High Energy Physics
Ephraim Shamoon [1]
Gershon Kurizki [1]
Weizmann Institute of S...
Strongly interacting photons in hollow-core waveguides Ultracold atoms and molecules
Y. Wang [1]
A. Gozolchiani [1]
Department of Physics,...
Can the southern hemisphere climate network be associated with atmospheric Rossby waves? Statistical Mechanics
Yosi Hammer
Yacov Kantor
Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Physics and Astronomy,... Mapping Between Ideal Polymer Properties and Electrostatic Problems Statistical Physics
Lee Yacobi Technion ISS-Lobster / GTM Astro
David Yanuka [1]
Maxim Kozlov [2]
Technion, Haifa, Israel...
Convergence of shock waves generated by underwater electrical explosion of cylindrical wire arrays between different boundary geometries Complex systems (Bio, Nonlinear dynamics, Fluids)
Ishay Pomerantz
Eli Piasetzky
Tel Aviv University Two-Body Hard Photodisintegration of 3He to p-d High Energy Physics
Amir Levy [1]
David Andelman [1]
Raymond and Beverly Sac...
Dielectric Constant of Ionic solutions: A Field Theory Approach Material Physics
Sivan Refaely-Abramson [1]
Sahar Sharifzadeh [2]
Department of Materials...
Quasiparticle Spectra from a Nonempirical Optimally Tuned Range-Separated Hybrid Density Functional Material Physics
P. Nanikashvili [1,3]
A. V. Butenko [2,3]
Chemistry Department, B...
Critical onset of layering in sedimenting suspensions of nanoparticles Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics
Tomer Markovich [1]
David Andelman [1]
Raymond and Beverly Sac...
Charge regulation: a generalized boundary condition? Statistical Mechanics
Konstantin Shougaev
Abner Soffer
Tel Aviv University D0 -> V l+ l- rare charm decay sensitivity estimation at SuperB Factory experiment High Energy Physics
Christine Khripkov [1]
Amichay Vardi [1]
Department of Chemistry, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,... QUANTUM ZENO CONTROL OF COHERENT DISSOCIATION Ultracold atoms and molecules
M. Ya. Amusia
V. R. Shaginyan
Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem New Type of Insulators with Quantum Spin Liquid and Heavy-Fermion Metals Strongly Correlated Electronic systems
Dong Zhou [1]
Avi Gozolchiani [1]
Department of Physics,...
Transition properties of coupled climate networks Statistical Physics
A. Pick [1]
A. Cerjan [2]
Department of Physics,...
Multimode laser-linewidth theory for complex wavelength-scale laser cavities QM
Pavel Tikhonov [1]
Efrat Shimshoni [1]
Department of Physics,...
Emergence of helical edge conduction in graphene at the ν=0 quantum Hall state Condensed Matter
Amir Stern Tel Aviv University Measurement of the energy dependence of the total photon-proton cross section at HERA High Energy Physics
Vadim Puller [1]
F. Pistolesi [1]
Laboratoire Ondes et Ma...
Single molecule detection of nanomechanical motion Correlated electron and boson systems
Eli Kraisler [1]
Tobias Schmidt [2]
Department of Materials...
A self-interaction-free local hybrid functional in density-functional theory derived from exact criteria Material physics
Geva Arwas
Amichay Vardi
Ben-Gurion University Superfluidity and Chaos QM