Z bosons and Z boson - Jet Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions with the ATLAS Detector

  Zvi Citron  
Weizmann Institute of Science

Heavy ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider have produced the hottest densest matter ever created in a laboratory setting.  In these collisions a novel phase of matter is formed governed by QCD interactions in which the degrees of freedom are thought to be quarks and gluons.  The color neutral Z boson is an excellent probe of the matter produced in heavy ion collisions. Because it does not interact with the dense color matter, the Z boson provides a clean test of our understanding of the collision.  In particular, the production rate of Z bosons is found to be proportional to the number of binary collisions between nucleons in each nuclei collisions.  Further, Z bosons correlated with jets allow us to gauge the medium's effect on color sensitive jets relative to the unbiased Z bosons.  The first precision study of Z bosons in heavy ion collisions, measured using the ATLAS experiment, will be presented.