Towards homogeneous ultracold Fermi gas of 40K atoms

  Constantine Shkedrov  ,  Yanay Florshaim  ,  Gal Ness  ,  Yoav Sagi  
Technion - Israel Institute of technology

Ultracold Fermi gases offer exceptional tunability of many physical parameters, such as the interaction strength, spin polarization, density, and temperature. They are particularly well-suited for characterization of the thermodynamics and excitation spectrum of quantum phases. In almost all experiments, the atomic cloud is held in an inhomogeneous potential, and as a result, the atomic density is not uniform. This broadens macroscopic observables and obscures the identification of phases that occupy only a narrow region of space. A straightforward solution is to hold the atoms in a "box" trap, namely a confining potential which is mostly dark and has sharply rising repulsive walls. We have constructed such a trap in our lab and loaded it with a degenerate Fermi gas. We present preliminary results and our progress towards high sensitivity rf spectroscopy measurements with a homogeneous strongly-interacting Fermi gas [1].

[1] Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 093402 (2018)