Towards First Operation of a Hybrid e-gun at Ariel University

  Ariel Nause  ,  Egor Dyunin [1]  ,  Aharon Friedman [1]  ,  Atsushi Fukasawa [2]  ,  Ryan Roussel [2]  ,  Bruno Spatarro [3]  ,  James Rosenzweig [2]  
[1] Ariel University, Israel [1]
[2] University of California in Los Angeles, US.
[3] INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy.

A novel hybrid photo injector was designed and built at UCLA's Particle Beam Physics Laboratory, finally commissioned at Ariel University as an on-going collaboration between the universities. This unique, new generation design provides a radically simpler approach to RF feeding of a gun/buncher system, leading to much shorter beams via velocity bunching owed to an attached traveling wave section of the photoinjector. The above results in better performance in beam parameters, providing an exceptional quality electron beam, with energy of 6MeV, emittance of app 1 um, and a 200fs pulse duration at up to 1nC per pulse. The Hybrid gun is driven by a SLAC XK5 Klystron as the RF power source, and a fs level Laser amplifier to drive the Cathode. The unique beam parameters are necessary in order to be used as a source for a THz FEL, which operates at the super-radiance regime, and therefore requires extraordinary beam properties. Comissioning process of almost three years is over, and the system is now in final operation stages.