Super-resolved imaging of RAS proteins in live melanoma cells using PALM method

  Adam Gitkind [1,2]   ,  Oren Yaakobian [1]  ,  Eilon Sherman [1]  
[1] Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
[2] Alpha program, The Future scientist program, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Super resolved imaging is providing researchers the opportunity to surpass the diffraction limit that was discovered by Ernst Abbe in 1873 and to capture objects that are hundreds times smaller than before even inside living and fully functioning cells. Using the blinking quality of Photo- Activated GFP (PAGFP) we are able to calculate the exact positions of proteins and analyze their activity. In my research, I have used skin cancer (Melanoma) cells to capture activity patterns of RAS proteins which are known for being a top factor in different types of cancer.

In this work I am analyzing distinctive patterns of RAS protein clusters appearing near the membrane of the cell, using results that I received by using the PALM (Photo Avtivated Localization Microscopy) method.