A star formation driven wind model for the Fermi Bubbles

  Kartick Sarkar  
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fermi Bubbles are two large (~10 kpc) gamma ray emitting bubbles observed in the sky towards the Galactic centre. Not only in Gamma ray, the bubbles also have signatures in the X-ray, radio and warm gas kinematics. Despite such a large chest of information, the origin of these bubbles are still argued over two scenarios - an AGN driven scenario and a star formation wind driven scenario. In this talk I will present a star formation wind driven scenario that has the ability to simultaneously explain the gamma-ray, X-ray, radio and UV kinematic signatures of these bubbles. The mechanical energy required at the Galactic centre in this model is approx 3-5e40 erg/s which corresponds to a maximum of 0.3-0.5 Msun/yr, very close to the observed rate of 0.1 Msun/yr