Search for transient spin-dependent signals from ultralight Dark Matter fields

  Guobin Liu  ,  A. Ben-Amar Baranga, M. Givon, R.Shuker and R. Folman  
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Theoretical studies suggest that Dark Matter may include axion-like fields (ALF) with localized gradients, and that these gradients may interact with atomic spins [1].
Spectroscopy of atomic vapor is a powerful method to investigate spin-related phenomena, and our group has performed several such studies [2,3].
Aworld-wide synchronizednetwork of balanced co-magnetometers may detect the ALF gradients through interactions with the spins of atoms in the co-magnetometers comprising an atomic vapor probed by laser light [4]. We are now building a87Rb-3He-39K co-magnetometer station at BGU.
Once completed, the station will cooperate with several other stations that are already searching for signals from Dark Matter fields, with the goal of detecting anomalies traversing earth.
Finally, our group is also constructing a 171Yb optical lattice clock and intends to develop ways in which this clock may also be used as a tool for DM searches.

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