A Novel 3-Terminal VO2-Based Device with Internal Switch

  Elihu Anouchi  ,  Tony Yamin  ,  Amos Sharoni  
Department of Physics, Bar Ilan University
Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Bar Ilan University

Novel multi-functional devices are crucial for the progress of creating more efficient and sophisticated circuitry. The world of oxide electronics opens the possibility of scaling down device dimensions, an integral part of integration into standard electronics. VO2, a transition metal oxide with a metal to insulator transition, is an excellent candidate for such a device. We present the concept for a 3-terminal device with an internal switch. The two phases of VO2 act as a read and write switch. The application of a top gate on the channel, only while in the metallic state, creates a non-volatile change in source-drain resistance. The resistance is restored by applying a gate with an opposite polarity. We present the properties of our device and how, to our understanding, field induced oxygen motion is the main driving mechanism.