Longitudinal and transverse magnetoresistance in films with tilted out-of-plane magnetic anisotropy

  Gregory Kopnov  ,  Noga Eden  ,  Shahar Fraenkel  ,  MOshe Goldstein  ,  Alexander Gerber  
Tel Aviv University

Tilted off-plane magnetic anisotropy induces two unusual characteristic magnetotransport phenomena:
extraordinary Hall effect in the presence of an in-plane magnetic field, and nonmonotonic anisotropic mag-
netoresistance in the presence of a field normal to the sample plane. We show experimentally that these effects
are generic, appearing in multiple ferromagnetic systems with tilted anisotropy introduced either by oblique
deposition from a single source or in binary systems codeposited from separate sources. We present a theoretical
model demonstrating that these observations are natural results of the standard extraordinary Hall effect and
anisotropic magnetoresistance, when the tilted anisotropy is properly accounted for. Such a scenario may help
explain various previous intriguing measurements by other groups.