The HUJI Straw Tube Tracker for the MUSE Experiment

  Dan Cohen  ,  Guy Ron  
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

As part of the "MUon proton Scattering Experiment" (MUSE) the Hebrew University is responsible for designing, building and, operating the scattered particle tracking detector for the MUon Scattering Experiment (MUSE). This detector is a critical part of the MUSE experiment which will take place at the Paul Sherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland. One important outcome of the experiment will be the proton Electromagnetic form factors, a result which may help explain the inconsistency of the proton radius measurement conducted using electrons and muons [1, 2].


[1] "The size of the proton." Nature, 466(7303):213-216, (2010)

[2] "Proton structure from the measurement of 2s-2ptransition frequencies of muonic hydrogen." Science, 339(6118):417-420, (2013)