Effect of Time dependent potentials on mesoscopic transport

  Debashree Chowdhury  ,  Ora Entin Wohlman  ,  Amnon Aharony  ,  S. Dattagupta  
Department of physics, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-sheva,, Israel,84105

In our recent paper [1] we have discussed the particle and energy transport through a very simple set up having a single quantum dot connected to two reservoirs via two metallic leads. The novelty of our work is that the quantum dot is affected by external time-dependent potentials, which may either be periodic or random stochastic (telegraph noise). We have discussed the averaged particle and energy currents for these two scenarios, where the averaging techniques are different. While we average over time for periodic potentials, the averaging for random stochastic case was performed over the different histories of the noise. In current research we study the temporal evolution of physical quantities, such as the spectral function and the power developed in the system due to the external perturbation, without averaging. This presentation reports results for the case of a periodic dot potential. [1] O. Entin-Wohlman, D. Chowdhury, A. Aharony, and S. Dattagupta, Heat currents in electronic junctions driven by telegraph noise, Phys. Rev. B96, 195435 (2017); (arXiv:1710.05626)