Dynamics of coupled degenerate parametric oscillators beyond coupled Ising spins

  Marcello Calvanese Strinati  
Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan (Israel)

Coupled parametric oscillators have been recently employed as simulators of artificial Ising lattices, with the potential to efficiently solve important minimization problems. Here, we report on a detailed study of two coupled degenerate parametric oscillators, exploring the entire phase diagram, in terms of pump power, phase and coupling strength, both analytically and experimentally in a radio-frequency (RF) experiment. In addition to a regime where the oscillators act as coupled spin-1/2 degrees of freedom, in the vicinity of the oscillation threshold there is a very wide range of parameters where the spin-1/2 description does not apply and the oscillators never reach steady state, but rather show persistent, full-scale, coherent beats, whose frequency reflects the coupling strength. Our study unveils the rich coherent dynamics of coupled parametric oscillators and is relevant to the topic of Floquet time-crystals in many-body systems.