Determine the current phase relation of an unconventional Josephson junction

  Avia Noah [1]  ,  Tomer Feld [1]  ,  Genady Devit [1]  ,  Hen Alpern [1,2]  ,  Tamar Shapira [1]  ,  Tom Dvir [1]  ,  Shira Yochelis [1]  ,  Hadar Steinberg [1]  ,  Nadav Katz [1]  ,  Yossi Paltiel [2]  ,  Oded Milo [1]  ,  Yonathan Anahory [1]  
[1] The Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL
[2] The Applied Physics Department, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL

The Josephson effect lies in the basis of superconductivity and plays a significant role in many applications of modern day technology, ranging from ultra-sensitive magnetic flux sensors, through complex signal processing circuits to quantum bits. A key element of the dc Josephson effect is the dependence of the supercurrent