Characterizations of Prethermal States in Periodically Driven Many-Body Systems with Unbounded Chaotic Diffusion

  Itzhack Dana  ,  Atanu Rajak  ,  Emanuele G. Dalla torre  
Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan 5290002

We introduce well-defined characterizations of prethermal states in realistic periodically driven many-body systems with unbounded chaotic diffusion of the kinetic energy. These systems, interacting arrays of periodically kicked rotors, are paradigmatic models of many-body chaos theory. We show that the prethermal states in these systems are well described by a generalized Gibbs ensemble based essentially on the average Hamiltonian. The latter is the quasiconserved quantity in the prethermal state and the ensemble is characterized by the temperature of the state. An explicit exact expression for this temperature is derived. Using also arguments based on chaos theory, we demonstrate that the lifetime of the prethermal state is exponentially long in the inverse of the temperature, in units of the driving frequency squared. Our analytical results, in particular those for the temperature and the lifetime of the prethermal state, agree well with numerical observations. See our recent paper [1] for details.

[1] A. Rajak, I. Dana, and E. G. Dalla Torre, Physical Review B 100, 100302(R) (2019).