Cartan Topology for the Galaxies

  Michal Wagman  ,  Larry Horwitz*  
Ariel University
*Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, Ariel University

Dark matter has been proposed as a solution for the problem of the 
galaxy rotation curves that are not in agreement with Newton's law of 
gravitation. Since it has been difficult to establish the nature of 
the dark matter, Milgrom proposed a modification of Newton's law 
(MOND) that has been effective, and Bekenstein and Milgrom found a 
modification of Einstein's theory which was consistent with MOND.  In 
the work we present here, we discuss topological aspects of Cartan's 
geometry (Kiehn, Kiehn and Baldwin) which could explain the 
restriction of the modified geometry to the galaxy and admit the 
Einstein structure in the exterior region, as is apparently observed,  
through the existence of topologically disconnected regions.