Computational Physics

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Joan Adler
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Ullmann building (303)
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Lectures for this program:

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13:30-13:50 Polina Pine Atomistic simulations of vibration of carbon nanotubes: is it possible to measure the mass of a single atom?
Carbon nanotubes are long thin tubes made from rolled up single sheets of graphene. Nanotube resonators have already re...
13:50-14:10 Shelomo I. Ben-Abraham [1] Aperiodic structures, order and disorder, complexity and entropy
Artificial aperiodic structures have recently been the subject of extensive and intensive research, resulting in layered...
14:10-14:30 Guy Tel-Zur High-Productivity Computing in Computational Physics Education
14:30-14:50 David Mazvovsky Visualization of Carbon, Boron, and Silicon single walled nanotubes
In recent years it has been observed that the classic folding model for single walled nanotubes by Dresselhaus and Dres...