Israel Physics Colloquium

The Israel Physics Colloquium (IPC) is a joint initiative of the physics departments across all universities in Israel.


With the IPC we hope to celebrate the achievements of outstanding scientists world-wide who currently cannot travel to Israel

due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and to foster continued community and science between physicists in Israel and abroad.

The talks take place every other week, on Mondays. Zoom will open @ 16:05 Israel time (15:00 Central European time). 

Talks will start @ 16:10.


IPC Recordings

list of Speakers IPC 2021-22:


January 10, 2022      Prof. Roger Penrose, University of Oxford YouTube Link

November 22, 2021      Prof. Eugene Demler, ETH Zürich YouTube Link

list of Speakers IPC 2020-21:

  • The Organizers:


Snir Gazit (HUJI), Yoni Toker (BIU), Daniel Podolsky (Technion), Yevgeny Kats (BGU), Ido Ben-Dayan (AU), Amos Sharoni (BIU), Serge Rosenblum (WIS), Yonit Hochberg (HUJI), Haim Suchowski (TAU)