Strongly Correlated and low dimensional systems A

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David Mross
Room C (Feinberg)
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Lectures for this program:

Lecture Time Speaker Lecture subject
14:00-14:30 Roni Ilan Pseudo-electromagnetic fields in topological semimetals
Dirac and Weyl semimetals react to position- and time-dependent perturbations, such as strain or an inhomogeneous magnet...
14:30-14:45 Gal Shavit Fractional Conductance in Strongly Interacting 1D Systems [1]
We study one-dimensional clean systems with few channels and strong electron-electron interactions.
14:45-15:00 T R Devidas Spectroscopy of barrier defects coupled to superconductors in van der Waals tunneling
15:00-15:15 Iliya Esin [1] Promoting spontaneous symmetry breaking through Floquet band engineering
In itinerant electronic systems, spontaneous symmetry breaking results from an interplay between interactions and densit...
15:15-15:30 Evyatar Tulipman Strongly coupled quantum phonon fluid in a solvable model
We introduce and study a model of a large number of strongly coupled phonons that can be viewed as a bosonic variant of...