Science Education B

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Avi Merzel
De- Shalit (Physics)
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16:00-16:18 Richard Hechter אור מנחה: Exploring our place under the night sky.
The wonder and awe of the night sky is shared by peoples transcending geography, culture, and religion.
16:18-16:36 Eli Raz A slinky spring hanged by its top end, its motion after it is released. A Challenge problem at the International Physics Olympiad
Israel hosted the International Physics Olympiad this year. Eighty-three countries and 364 students (under the age of 20...
16:36-16:54 Gilit Porat [1,2] Learning the meaning of measurement in physics
We present findings from a study that guided and examined the design of an instructional module that aims to nurture hig...
16:54-17:12 Lilach Ayali How is it possible to perform a Physics Research with High School students?
Introducing teaching method:
17:12-17:30 Hadas Levi Categorization of Physmatic Misconseptions:
Categorization of Physmatic Misconseptions: Theoretical background: