Light and matter

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Ephraim Shahmoon
Schmidt Auditorium
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16:00-16:13 Roy Shaham Quantum Optics with Optically Inaccessible Spins
Macroscopic quantum systems typically suffer from rapid loss of coherence via coupling to the environment.
16:13-16:26 Yahel [1,2] Horowicz Non-equilibrium phase transitions in a hot vapor
The spins of alkali atoms in a vapor at room temperature or above are in thermal equilibrium, disordered and unpolarized...
16:26-16:39 Omer Amit [1] T3-Stern-Gerlach Matter-Wave Interferometer
The Stern-Gerlach (SG) [1] effect of 1922 is a paradigm of quantum mechanics and allows an illuminating glimpse into the...
16:39-16:52 Yiming Pan Observation of the weak-to-strong transition of quantum measurement in trapped ions
Quantum measurement remains puzzling through the mist of its stormy history from the early birth of quantum mechanics to...
16:52-17:05 Liat Nemirovsky Topological evolution-invariant photonic structures in synthetic dimensions
Usually, topological photonic structures are based on spatial lattices, where the sites are identified by their location...
17:05-17:18 Yuval Rosenberg Cherenkov radiation of light bullets
17:18-17:30 Amit Beer Nonlinear Optics in Gas Phase by Terahertz and Optical Pulses
Terahertz field induced second harmonic generation (TFISH) is an all-optical technique for detection of broad-band THz f...