Astrophysics (theory)

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Orly Gnat
Kimmel Hall - Lopatie
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16:00-16:13 Mor Rozner The aeolian-erosion barrier for the growth of metre-size objects in protoplanetary-discs
Aeolian-erosion is a destructive process which can erode small-size planetary objects through their interaction with a g...
16:13-16:26 Filip Samuelsson [1,2] The problematic connection between low-luminosity gamma-ray bursts and ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECR) are the most energetic particles ever observed, having energies extending beyond 1...
16:26-16:39 Michal Wagman[1] Retardation Theory: A New Approach to the Dark Matter Problem
The Dark Matter paradigm is the current leading hypothesis for reconciling discrepancies between observational phenomena...
16:39-16:52 Mukesh K Vyas Comptonization of seed photons with relativistic electrons and spectra of pulsars
We study the modification of radiation spectrum through external Comptonization with relativistic electrons having eithe...
16:52-17:05 Kuan-Chou Hou Virial shocks in galaxy clusters
In the theory of structure formation in the Universe, galaxy clusters are thought to grow by accreting surrounding mater...
17:05-17:18 Santanu Mondal Simulating the Fermi Bubbles
The Fermi bubbles (FBs) are two giant, non-thermal, bipolar lobes extending \sim50^o in latitude above and below the Gal...
17:18-17:30 Jonathan Freundlich Core formation in dark matter haloes and ultra diffuse galaxies by outflow episodes induced by feedback
While cold dark matter numerical simulations predict steep, `cuspy' density profiles for dark matter halos, observations...