High energy (Phenomenology + experiment) B

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Yonit Hochberg
Sprinzak 116
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Lectures for this program:

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15:45-16:00 Jyoti Prakash Biswal Search for heavy neutral leptons with the ATLAS detector
Postulating the existence of right-handed neutrinos with Majorana masses below the electroweak scale could be enough to...
16:00-16:15 Inbar Savoray LHC Phenomenology of Stable Colored Twisted Top Partners and Partnerium
We study the LHC phenomenology of multiply-charged stable colored twisted top partners (CTTPs).
16:15-16:30 Sanmay Ganguly Machine Learning for Particle Flow and Detector Monitoring in ATLAS
Particle flow is an event reconstruction technique, which tries to reconstruct the four-momenta of all the stable partic...
16:30-16:45 Shahaf Aharony The Contribution of Scalar Leptoquarks to b → s l l Transitions
The Standard Model predicts lepton flavor universality (LFU).
16:45-17:00 Purba Bhattacharya [1] Novel Resistive-Plate WELL sampling elements for (S)DHCAL
Digital and Semi-Digital Hadronic Calorimeters (S)DHCAL were suggested for future Colliders as part of the particle-flow...
17:00-17:15 Nitsan Bar Ultra-Light Dark Matter vs. Galactic Rotation Curves
Bosonic ultra-light dark matter (ULDM) would form cored density distributions at the center of galaxies.