The Israel Physical Society award for young Scientists , 2018

Jacob Bekenstein Prize (Theoretical Physics):

Dr. Shlomo Razamat, Technion –Israel Institute of Technology

For his contributions to duality and localization in supersymmetric quantum field theory with applications to strongly interacting quantum systems

Nathan Rosen Prize (Experimental Physics):

Dr. Ofer Firstenberg, Weizmann Institute of Science

For his contributions to quantum nonlinear optics and single photons interactionswhich significantly improved the performance of optical quantum memories.


The Israel Physical Society Students award, 2018

Asher Peres prize (experiment):

Ravid Shaniv, Weizmann Institute of Science

For inventing and applying a dynamical sequence that erases the effect of magnetic field noise in the high precision measurement of the Sr+ quadruple moment.

Amos de Shalit prize (thesis):

Dr. Yoni Schattner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

For an outstanding thesis on the application of quantum Monte Carlo technique to the study of quantum criticality in metals.

Racah prize (theory):

Ronen Weiss, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

For developing the nuclear contact formalism and applying it in order to understand the short range correlations in nucleir


IPS Fellows 2018

Zak, Yehoshua (2018) Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

For his contribution to condensed matter physics and in particular for the discovery of the magnetic translation group and the KQ representation also known as Zak representation and for the discovery of the topological phase in the band theory of solids known as Zak phase. 

Deutscher, Guy (2018) Tel Aviv University

For his leadership in experimental and theoretical research in the theory of superconductivity and in particular the "proximity effect". For his influential contributions to the research on percolation and localization in two dimensions and, for his leadership in building experimental condensed matter physics in Israel.    

Horn, David (2018) Tel Aviv University

For his ground breaking discovery of the Dolan-Horn- Schmidt Duality in hadronic physics, and pivotal role in creating a community of high energy theoretical physicists in Israel.

Netzer, Hagai (2018) Tel-Aviv University

For initiating observational astronomy in Israel, and for ground breaking research especially, the measurements of the masses of black holes in quasars centers and active galaxies and for opening the gates to astronomy to the general public.