High Energy (Theory and experiment)

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Shikma Bressler
Ulman 305
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Lectures for this program:

Lecture Time Speaker Lecture subject
14:00-14:15 Alexander Milov Measuring underlying event properties in high pileup conditions.
Studying the undelaying event in collisions with rare processes is one of very interesting and largely unexplored niches...
14:15-14:30 Lior Arazi The NEXT experiment for neutrinoless double beta decay search in Xe-136
The NEXT experiment is one of the leading efforts searching for neutrinoless double beta decay, which - if detected - wi...
14:30-14:45 Aviv Shalit The Nelson-Barr Relaxion
The "relaxion CP problem" is related to the fact that cosmological relaxation models, where the relaxion field is identi...
14:45-15:00 Oz Davidi [1] Hierarchion - a unified framework to address the Standard Model's hierarchies
We present a unified description for the electroweak, the strong CP and the flavor hierarchies of the Standard Model, in...
15:00-15:15 Itamar Levy Forward calorimetry for future e+e- colliders
Luminosity is a key parameter of each collider.
15:15-15:30 Peter Szabo Direxeno - Measuring Directional Scintillation in Liquid Xenon
A prominent detection s