Quantum Information and Quantum Optics I

Chair Information
Avi Pe'er
Lev Auditorium

Lectures for this program:

Lecture Time Speaker Lecture subject
14:15-14:45 (invited) Jeff Steinhauer Observation of quantum Hawking radiation and its entanglement in an analogue black hole
We observe spontaneous Hawking radiation, stimulated by quantum vacuum fluctuations, emanating from an analogue black ho...
14:45-15:00 Ido Schwartz[1] Deterministic generation of a cluster state of entangled photons
Photonic cluster states are a resource for quantum computation based solely on single-photon measurements.
15:00-15:15 Yaakov Shaked Optical Homodyne with Optical Bandwidth
We present a direct optical homodyne measurement for broadband squeezed light with ~80nm bandwidth, lifting the extreme...
15:15-15:30 Or Katz [1,2] A new orientation for storage of light
Storage of light is the underlying mechanism of quantum memories for photons in atomic ensembles.
15:30-15:45 Dikla Oren [1] Quantum State Tomography with a Single Observable
Quantum information has been drawing a wealth of research in recent years, shedding light on questions in the heart of q...