Chair Information
Dan Maoz
Orenstein 103

Lectures for this program:

Lecture Time Speaker Lecture subject
16:15-16:45 (invited) Hagai Perets The origin of hot and warm Jupiters
Warm (and hot) Jupiters (WJs/HJs) are Jovian-mass exoplanets orbiting their host-stars on close in orbits (HJ separation...
16:45-17:00 Ore Gottlieb Cocoon Emission from Long Gamma-ray Bursts
When a jet propagates inside an external medium, a forward-reverse shock structure is created at its head.
17:00:17:15 Daniel Aloni Comment on the CMB constraints on black hole dark matter
17:15-17:30 Anastasia Fialkov Signals from the Cosmic Dawn
Apart from the CMB and a handful of high-redshift galaxies, the first billion years after the Big Bang remain largely...
!7:30-17:45 Shmuel Bialy The Atomic-to-Molecular Transition in Turbulent Media
The conversion of interstellar gas from atomic to molecular form (dominated by H and H2