The opening of the conference and the plenary session will be held at the Smolarsh auditorium in Tel Aviv University campus. The closest entrance to Smolarsh auditorium is gate no. 4.

For those who come by car, the closest parking is “Smolarsh parking” nearby gate no. 4. Parking inside the campus is not possible, yet you will get a conference discount at “Smolarsh parking” on a departure after 15:00 (i.e. the price for the daily parking will be 12NIS instead of 24NIS). Please use Waze to navigate to the parking lot. For those of you that arrive by public transportation and for further information, please use the TAU visitor kit.

The review and the parallel sessions of the conference will be held at the exact sciences buildings, a short walk from the Smolarsh auditorium. Map can be found here.