Conference committees

Scientific organizing committee

  • Tomer Volansky, TAU (chair)
  • Haim Suchowski, TAU (chair)
  • Amnon Aharony, BGU
  • Roy Beck, TAU
  • Avishai Dekel, HUJI
  • Shlomo Havlin, BIU
  • Yaron Oz, TAU (IPS president)
  • Gilad Perez, WIS
  • Moti Segev, Technion


Local organizing committee

  • Tomer Volansky (chair)
  • Haim Suchowski (chair)
  • Roy Beck
  • Lev Vaidman
  • Daniella Gabrielovitch (administration)
  • Michal Nissanov (administration)

IPS Conference 2016 - Chairpersons

Session / Category / Sub-CategoriesChairperson
  -- Plenary lecture
Prof. Tomer Volansky
  -- High energy and Astrophysics, Quantum and Solid state physics, Statistical, Soft Matter and Biophysics
Prof. Gilad Perez
Prof. Roy Beck
Prof. Ora Entin
  -- High energy phenomenology, High energy experiment, High energy theory
Prof. Jacob Sonnenschein
Dr. Kfir Blum
Prof. Abner Soffer
Nuclear Physics
Dr. Ishay Pomerantz
Condensed Matter
  -- Topological phases and excitations, Strongly correlated electronic systems, Superconductivity and magnetism, Material physics and nanophysics, Computational Physics
Prof. Netanel Lindner
Dr. Haim Beidenkopf
Photonics and Optics
Prof. Avi Zadok
AMO and Cold Atoms
  -- Atomic and molecular physics, Ultracold atoms and molecules
Dr. Yoav Sagi
  -- Astrophysics, Cosmology
Prof. Dan Maoz
Plasma and Fluids
  -- Plasma and Fluids
Dr. Gilad Marcus
Prof. Yakov Krasik
Soft Matter, Biophysics and Nonlinear Physics
  -- Nonlinear Physics, Biophysics, Soft Matter
Prof. Eran Sahron
0 Eilon Sherman
Quantum Information and Quantum Optics
Prof. Avi Pe'er
Physics in the Industry
  -- Applied physics, Physics in industry
Mr. Ron Naftali
Nano Physics
Prof. Guy Bartal
Statistical and Non-equilibrium Physics
  -- Complex sytems, Non-linear physics
Prof. Baruch Meerson
Material Physics
Prof. Guy Makov