Conference committees

Scientific organizing committee

  • Tomer Volansky, TAU (chair)
  • Haim Suchowski, TAU (chair)
  • Amnon Aharony, BGU
  • Roy Beck, TAU
  • Avishai Dekel, HUJI
  • Shlomo Havlin, BIU
  • Yaron Oz, TAU (IPS president)
  • Gilad Perez, WIS
  • Moti Segev, Technion


Local organizing committee

  • Tomer Volansky (chair)
  • Haim Suchowski (chair)
  • Roy Beck
  • Lev Vaidman
  • Daniella Gabrielovitch (administration)
  • Michal Nissanov (administration)

IPS Conference 2016 - Chairpersons

Session / Category / Sub-CategoriesChairperson
  -- Plenary lecture
Prof. Tomer Volansky
  -- High energy and Astrophysics, Quantum and Solid state physics, Statistical, Soft Matter and Biophysics
Prof. Gilad Perez
Prof. Roy Beck
Prof. Ora Entin
  -- High energy phenomenology, High energy experiment, High energy theory
Prof. Jacob Sonnenschein
Dr. Kfir Blum
Prof. Abner Soffer
Nuclear Physics
Dr. Ishay Pomerantz
Condensed Matter
  -- Topological phases and excitations, Strongly correlated electronic systems, Superconductivity and magnetism, Material physics and nanophysics, Computational Physics
Prof. Netanel Lindner
Photonics and Optics
Prof. Avi Zadok
AMO and Cold Atoms
  -- Atomic and molecular physics, Ultracold atoms and molecules
Dr. Yoav Sagi
  -- Astrophysics, Cosmology
Prof. Dan Maoz
Plasma and Fluids
  -- Plasma and Fluids
Dr. Gilad Marcus
Prof. Yakov Krasik
Soft Matter, Biophysics and Nonlinear Physics
  -- Nonlinear Physics, Biophysics, Soft Matter
Prof. Eran Sahron
0 Eilon Sherman
Quantum Information and Quantum Optics
Prof. Avi Pe'er
Physics in the Industry
  -- Applied physics, Physics in industry
Mr. Ron Naftali
Nano Physics
Prof. Guy Bartal
Statistical and Non-equilibrium Physics
  -- Complex sytems, Non-linear physics
Prof. Baruch Meerson
Material Physics
Prof. Guy Makov