Statistical Mechanics-2

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David Mukamel
Sprinzak 217
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Lectures for this program:

Lecture Time Speaker Lecture subject
16:15-16:28 Ofer Biham Competition, feedback and fluctuations in genetic regulatory modules
I will describe the modeling of several genetic regulatory modules in cells and analyze the effects of competition [1],...
16:28-16:40 Michael Assaf Metastability and Anomalous Fixation in Evolutionary Games on Scale-Free Networks
We study the influence of complex graphs on the metastability and fixation properties of a set of evolutionary processes...
16:40-16:52 Amir Bashan [1] The extreme vulnerability of interdependent spatially embedded networks
Recent studies show that in interdependent networks a very small failure in one network may lead to catastrophic consequ...
16:52-17:05 Yoram Burak Fundamental limits on persistent memory in noisy neural networks
Noise and information are deeply related in physical systems.
17:05-17:17 Eli Sloutskin Random frictional packings of colloidal spheres: new connection to fluid thermodynamics
Disordered granular packings, where the constituent particles are immobilized by contacts with their neighbours, are abu...
17:17-17:30 Eial Teomy Jamming Transition of Kinetically-Constrained Models in Rectangular Systems
In granular systems temperature does not play a major role.
17:30-17:43 Antina Ghosh [1] Jamming transition and critical scaling in a three dimensional spiral model
Jamming transition and critical scaling in a three dimensional spiral model Antina Ghosh, Yair Shokef